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I believe most of the battle is won before a home is actually listed. Prior to listing a home, I consult with the sellers and understand their unique priorities. Afterward, we create a custom plan together to market and sell the property. The sellers are aware of all services included, such as professional staging, luxury photography of the home and precise pricing evaluation. Entering the market in the proper position is critical to achieving top dollar in the least amount of time. In this digital age, the way a home presents on the internet is critical to enticing the right buyer. Presentation, both online and off, must be optimized. 



The definition of and needs regarding a home are different for everyone. With my decades of knowledge and expertise, I listen to each buyer’s home goals and use my resources to make it not only happen, but exceed expectations. I also seek to guide and protect each buyer in the home selection process; I believe it is my responsibility, as the agent, to point out defects or problematic characteristics that may hurt buyers in the short or long term. Their goals become mine, and we work together to bring those goals into reality. I treat all my clients as family, and I’m protective of those I care about. Merely settling for a property is not an option my goal is for a buyer’s heart to sing as they enter the front door. 

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