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Rachel's cottage

My passion for helping clients find and create a special place to call home began with my mother, Rachel. During my childhood, our family home was always important to her as well as to my dad, George, and they both knew how to build memories that would last a lifetime. Both of my parents instilled in me a deep love for family and for home, and I was able to give this love back to my mom at the end of her life.

After my dad passed and mom began aging, I was honored and delighted to invite her to come live with me. She downsized from the 4,000-square-foot residence of my childhood and moved into a quaint cottage tucked behind my primary home. Over the years, we renovated aspects of the cottage to make it more comfortable and familiar for her, including a walk-in shower and wood flooring from our original family home. Later, when mom needed more care, she moved into the main household with me, and we cherished our time together before she passed.

This experience of creating a complete circle and realizing the importance of home to a family’s story is how I created my business, Our House Atlanta. I recognize how important it is for my clients to create their ideal space for years, even generations, to come, and I’m honored to guide those journeys.

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